Sales is a contact sport, technology supports sales –not vice versa

As they say, “Until something is sold, nothing happens“.  We love relationship sales, in fact, we believe that anyone who can’t use the sales function to build strong relationships shouldn’t tell others how to sell.

  • Direct sales: feet on the street, face to face selling.  Our qualified people can jump in and actually generate revenue for your business by selling your goods our services.  
  • Telemarketing: on the phone, in-bound or out-bound.  
  • Customer service as a sales function: we believe that customer service is part of sales, especially handling customer complaints and returns.  We love to turn unhappy people into loyal customers.

Our process:

  1. Needs analysis: we work with you to understand your why, how and what you do and what your goals are; 
  2. Planning: we don’t believe in plans; we believe in planning.  Once we understand your goals, we begin planning on how to achieve those goals;
  3. Execution: because we understand that “no plan survives contact with the enemy”, our planning includes the expectation of modifying the plan to fit the actual circumstances.


Our pricing model is simple and pragmatic: 20 great hours for $1,000 per week (i.e. from the 44 total hours worked, we will deliver 20 great hours):

  • 30 hours of staff and intern time collecting and reviewing data,
  • 10 hours of management time reviewing and assimilating staff’s work, and
  • 4 hours of senior management time focusing on goal achievement.   

Our pricing model insures our clients that their money is not wasted and we develop a team that is capable or responding quickly to changing market conditions.