Our focus is on four elements:

  1. SALES: We start from the, “Until something is sold nothing happens” philosophy.  As such, we start with sales and build a system to support and maximize it.  Our focus is on helping our clients create a financially sustainable business by exceeding customer expectations.  
  2. MARKETING:  We have a 3-point plan:
    1. Understand why your existing customers are (or should be) attracted to your goods and services and create tactics to exceed their expectations so they spend more money, come back more often and tell their friends;  
    2. Create tactics to identify and entice more customers who believe what you believe then find ways to exceed their needs;
    3. Create tactics to identify the bottom 20% of your customers and then either improve the relationship or to let them go because we know that the bottom 20% saps a disproportionate number of resources and are a major source of negative word of mouth.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS:  We take pride in what we do, and believe that the ultiate success in business is strong relationships; relationships which result from us exceeding our clients expectations.  We create strategies and tactics based upon strong relationships so that you exceed your goals.
  4. INTELLIGENCE:  Our “20 Great Hours” pricing program is based upon making the best possible decisions; decisions based upon the best possible information. Our staff and interns focus their energy on intelligence gathering so that our managers and executives can create the best plans to increase the probability of success.