Bottom line: now is the time to start planning on how your business can take advantage of these opportunities.


  • In 2007, Apple released its first iPhone, 74 days later they sold 1 million; today,
  • in less than 10 years, Apple sold over 1 billion iPhones, and there are currently about 2 billion Google Android devices in use.  
  • Smartphones have already made a major impact, they are everywhere and people use them for all sorts of things; and it’s just the beginning.  

The changes that will occur in the next 10 years, mainly due to drones, self-driving cars, the Hyperloop and VR/AR will dwarf the past 10 years’ changes.  


  • Amazon and 7-Eleven are now testing package delivery by drones;
  • In the future, package delivery by drone will be the norm because it is faster, less expensive and more flexible as packages will be delivered to your smartphone’s location;
  • Surveillance drones will be commonplace because they are faster, better and much less expensive than humans; they will be used by virtually every type of business to increase safety and security.
  • Photography drones will be used for real estate transactions and businesses in locations being able to see it is important.

Self-driving vehicles

  • Tesla, Uber, Google (in partnership with Fiat Chrysler) and Volvo are road-testing driverless cars.  Apple will be announcing its self-driving car soon.  
  • In the next ten years, people will be more productive because they will no longer perform mundane tasks like package pickup/delivery, going to the gas station, servicing their vehicles and the like.
  • Vehicles will be used to deliver auto parts, legal documents, food and other items too heavy for drones;
  • People who are unable to drive, or drive less than 200 miles per month, will choose self-driving because they will cost self-driving vehicles;
  • Businesses will be created, renting cars from drivers during idle hours, especially at night, while not being used.  
  • The “killer app” will be taking people to and from restaurants and other places where adult beverages are served.  The alcohol industry estimates increased sales of $31 billion per year based upon the sale of only one additional beverage.  Restaurants (not passengers) will pay the delivery companies to pick-up and return patrons.

We can help you take advantage of these new technologies that are changing the future.  Don’t wait until everyone else takes advantage of the opportunity to embrace the future.  Call us.