Italian American Media (“I Am”)  was formed in 2016 by the Italian American Athletic Club (“IAAC”),  a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to enable all youth to play competitive sports regardless of their circumstances so that they stay in school and avoid gangs and drugs.  

I Am is a “feet on the streets” and Cloud-oriented firm that serves the marketing and sales needs of its members and sponsors.

I Am’s goals are simple: we use Italian/American-flavored best-practices to provide our members and sponsors with unmatched revenue and profit generation results.

I Am clients are part of the family; a growing family that takes pride in producing the best goods and services so that member and sponsors exceed customer and consumer expectations.

We believe in hardwork and grit.  At I Am, “‘good’ is not enough”

In 2011, USC business school professor David Logan published Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization; this is our basic blueprint.  While other firm’s focus on Logan’s Stage 3 (“The Wild, Wild West”) and Stage 5 companies (“Life is Great”), I Am focuses on Stage 4 tribes to leverage customers from stages 2 & 1 (ask us for more information on this formula).  

In 1969, Hartmut Esslinger founded frog design, the global design firm, based upon the premise that form follows emotion –we integrate that belief in everything we do. “Design is about making and shaping experiences and relationships” Turi McKinley, frog design.